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Akin to Tempest, B.G. ain't like being touched and she'll let you know that without a doubt.

The unobstructed image of B.G.'s hatchet:

Base used:
safe1654081 artist:firehearttheinferno21 artist:katnekobase116 verko61 oc652599 oc:bg4 oc:bloody gash4 oc:ruby273 hybrid17341 naked mole rat29 pony918564 zebra16923 zony876 fallout equestria16351 my little pony: the movie18615 :c524 >:c160 angry26040 bad idea98 bars122 base used18095 bg is not amused1 blade215 blaze (coat marking)1094 cheek squish802 choker11067 cloth229 cute191856 cute little fangs1937 death stare232 ear piercing24475 engraving235 fangs23854 female1317733 filly63648 flared nostrils8 frown22219 glare8153 gray coat275 hatchet33 leather1014 leather collar14 leather straps136 metal855 mohawk731 piercing38731 red671 red eyes5748 shaved mane111 signature22108 simple background375916 squishy cheeks2262 striped mane144 stripes1193 studded choker34 teenager4460 this will end in death2324 this will end in pain1865 this will end in tears3262 this will end in tears and/or death2235 tooth181 transparent background194640 unamused15364 watermark15206 weapon29368 wood720


not provided yet


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