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I had a dream about Fluttershy getting ready for a workout, so I drew Fluttershy getting ready for a workout. I love mirror scenes, because in a single image, you can see all the lovely chub in front and dat booty in the back, but man is it hard to draw.
suggestive149769 artist:lordstormcaller120 fluttershy218597 pegasus314698 anthro272049 plantigrade anthro35120 ass51387 belly29873 belly button82156 big belly12245 big breasts87081 booty shorts322 breasts291422 busty fluttershy18075 butt72537 cleavage35913 clothes480777 determination136 determined787 determined look94 exercise699 fat22827 fattershy1173 female1414555 fetish42144 flutterbutt5447 gym898 high res34167 jiggle1715 jiggling138 looking at mirror17 love handles61 mirror5492 muffin top707 overweight386 shorts14698 small wings435 solo1105053 solo female184875 sports bra3651 thicc ass1386 tiptoe86 weight loss99 wide hips18560 wings125872 workout814


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