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I had a dream about Fluttershy getting ready for a workout, so I drew Fluttershy getting ready for a workout. I love mirror scenes, because in a single image, you can see all the lovely chub in front and dat booty in the back, but man is it hard to draw.
suggestive140791 artist:lordstormcaller114 fluttershy210813 pegasus285025 anthro256253 plantigrade anthro31865 ass48371 belly27941 belly button76423 big belly10978 big breasts80467 booty shorts287 breasts273190 busty fluttershy16929 butt55887 cleavage34121 clothes453087 determination133 determined750 determined look87 exercise672 fat21856 fattershy1147 female1346799 fetish39190 flutterbutt4978 gym819 high res26771 jiggle1640 jiggling127 looking at mirror18 love handles55 mirror5175 muffin top699 overweight366 shorts13735 small wings393 solo1052145 solo female177871 sports bra3142 thicc ass1184 tiptoe78 weight loss88 wide hips16740 wings103741 workout754


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