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Day 2: Flag Raising

Fluttershy: "Look Riser, Daddy's raising the Hearth's Warming flag. See?"

Late Riser: Stares at Fluttershy

Big Mac: "Ah think he's more interested in you an' his lunch, hun."
safe1654081 anonymous artist2594 big macintosh27599 fluttershy207136 oc652599 oc:late riser25 earth pony229615 pegasus271651 pony918564 series:fm holidays139 series:hearth's warming advent calendar28 advent calendar304 baby10133 baby bottle700 baby pony6360 christmas13848 clothes440977 colt14275 earmuffs1169 equestrian flag280 family4303 female1317733 flag pole123 fluttermac2807 hat82906 hearth's warming850 hearth's warming eve1294 high res24508 holding a pony2835 holiday19586 lineless3640 male355813 offspring36783 parent:big macintosh2940 parent:fluttershy4508 parents:fluttermac1272 pointy ponies3310 scarf22514 shipping193524 straight131371 sweater14026 turtleneck1404 winter outfit1469


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