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Happy Heart’s Warming everypony
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safe2117731 artist:pyropk296 twilight sparkle349810 alicorn302694 pony1478899 g41926652 the last problem7832 bow42580 christmas19092 clothes611613 crown28641 ethereal mane12757 female1739365 folded wings17683 hat119544 hearth's warming eve1586 holiday32161 jewelry106876 mare703013 misspelling3094 nervous8269 older37770 older twilight3200 open mouth225195 peytral6732 princess twilight 2.03655 regalia34729 santa hat7827 socks91262 solo1381692 starry mane6850 striped socks27328 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146024 wings208078


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