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safe2117994 artist:light262643 starlight glimmer58558 sunset shimmer77321 trixie78103 pony1479149 unicorn512576 g41926685 cheek fluff8894 christmas19112 christmas tree5708 cute257173 diatrixes3791 ear fluff47487 female1739592 fire15242 fireplace3690 happy hearth's warming60 hearth's warming1103 holiday32182 leg fluff4568 looking at you246350 magical trio491 mare703179 misspelling3094 mistletoe2130 mouth hold23012 no pupils5609 one eye closed43975 open mouth225290 smiling376826 tree46031 trio23962 wink31935


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Background Pony #91E3
Happy hearths warming to you too. I’ll look forward for more of your awesome work.