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safe1680970 screencap219095 applejack167858 fluttershy210044 pinkie pie213797 rainbow dash231197 rarity179557 spike78014 twilight sparkle297281 alicorn219583 earth pony239292 pegasus282059 pony943023 unicorn312720 memories and more141 the last problem5577 spoiler:memories and more141 clothes450369 coronation dress683 cropped48603 crown16287 cute195982 dress43624 eyes closed90502 female1340141 flying37404 hoof shoes5129 jewelry61208 laughing7813 mane seven6428 mane six31550 mare468430 offscreen character33220 open mouth140762 regalia19134 second coronation dress228 sitting61689 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122411 uvula1958 volumetric mouth629


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