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Cheerleader Stardust because Stardust wearing dresses is infinitely more popular than regular Stardust. So what's he trying to get you hyped for? Why my story of course! Go ahead and give it a read, (and maybe even leave a comment on it if you'd be so kind). You don't want to let him down, right? Right?! (Pls go give it a read… it'd mean a lot to me c: )
safe1749514 artist:tikibat184 derpibooru exclusive29300 oc711385 oc only465126 oc:stardust338 oc:stardust(cosmiceclipse)90 bat pony52127 pony1009659 bat pony oc18832 bat wings10028 cheerleader2843 cheerleader outfit1055 clothes475612 crossdressing9678 ear fluff31150 eyeshadow16547 fangs26646 femboy9618 makeup22782 male387715 membranous wings189 simple background408802 slit eyes4722 slit pupils804 socks68502 solo1093764 stallion115614 striped socks21934 transparent background208685 wings122910


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