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safe1902436 edit150395 screencap248132 twilight sparkle324933 zecora10173 alicorn261252 pony1249839 unicorn412509 ail-icorn263 friendship university757 growing up is hard to do1500 owl's well that ends well470 school raze2457 season 14068 season 31802 season 43865 season 81889 season 92241 the crystal empire3011 the last problem6883 the ticket master1130 twilight time942 spoiler:interseason shorts931 spoiler:s081509 spoiler:s091497 bag6708 bits1192 book37752 broom2073 candle5588 clock2200 clothes534416 cork245 coronation dress827 crown22895 cute225943 dashface439 dilated pupils708 disguise5900 door4567 dress51373 drinking4158 eyepatch3438 eyepatch (disguise)105 eyes closed113466 eyes on the prize6052 fake cutie mark601 feather7102 female1539379 floppy ears61360 flower30841 fortune10 gem7462 giggling986 glowing horn23765 gold1359 golden oaks library5733 happy36334 horn105750 hub logo10068 jewelry84327 library3571 lyrics1169 magic82807 magic aura5960 mare579559 messy mane8748 night30883 open mouth184216 paper-thin disguise146 potion2487 quill2954 regalia27132 saddle bag6797 scroll3712 second coronation dress252 sicklight sparkle63 smiling310218 solo1213142 sparkles5945 squishy3037 squishy cheeks2778 swollen horn46 telekinesis32321 text71481 treasure337 twiabetes13357 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134849 unicorn twilight23647 wishing flower89 writing1325 written equestrian341


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