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safe1750251 artist:mrkat7214439 edit135888 applejack173255 earth pony265835 pony1010334 applebetes154 crying44804 cute205667 daaaaaaaaaaaw4680 dialogue67955 feels1567 female1401697 floppy ears54493 happy32181 hnnng2479 jackabetes6248 looking at you175655 mare502083 melting721 meme83364 one eye closed32499 open mouth154291 pun7682 puppy dog eyes753 reaction607 reaction image9559 sad25064 sadorable936 simple background409039 smiling260857 smiling at you5195 sugar melt1 sugarcube196 sweet dreams fuel1667 tears of joy2641 teary eyes4400 wat19472 white background102470 wiping tears69


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