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Commission — Breaking news! Giant hoers stuck on Thicc st.!

Commission for my friend @grey_twist of my Amber having a sudden growth episode. Sadly she is stuck under a bridge! However, the silver lining is the view of that Bum.

Also, Coyote, thats not how it works,
suggestive145251 artist:thedrunkcoyote323 oc695966 oc:amber steel193 coyote60 pony984792 unicorn331245 anthro263977 plantigrade anthro33388 ass49861 big breasts83533 blushing200557 breasts282491 bridge1175 building2562 butt61864 buttstuck368 car6127 city4314 dock50780 embarrassed11546 embarrassed nude exposure2316 female1379069 floppy ears53089 furry5255 giant pony4698 giantess4166 huge breasts38875 implied growth14 large butt17180 macro11065 macro/micro617 male379153 nudity375095 pushing822 squish243 squishy2567 stuck2649 the ass was fat13999 the ass was too fat259 truck819


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