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You have to be 19 years old in Korean age to buy alcohol.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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@Background Pony #BA03
The US has a complicated history with alcohol (coughcoughProhibitioncoughcough). Also, the age for purchasing tobacco was recently (as in January 2020) raised to 21.

Neither matter too much to me, I don't drink or smoke.
Background Pony #BA03
meanwhile in america, you have to be 21. who came up with that? and yet for a while 18 year olds could buy cigarettes. sure, let the kids corrode their lungs, but don't give them the party juice.

Shopkeeper: "You have to be 19 years old in Korean age to buy alcohol."

Exchange Student Sunset: "As a pony age I am 31. In human age I am 16. So what would be my Korean age?"