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safe1863523 edit146767 edited screencap73824 screencap242138 cozy glow8458 lord tirek5662 queen chrysalis37459 centaur3930 changeling54257 changeling queen19685 pegasus357083 pony1207973 the ending of the end3456 abuse8420 arguments on the comments27 beating a dead horse45 chrysabuse203 cozybuse490 debate in the comments252 duckery in the comments188 female1502937 filly76917 imgflip856 jpg77 legion of doom349 legion of doom statue109 lowres1259 op is a duck4631 op is right77 op is right you know21 op is trying to start shit2955 op isn't even trying anymore167 op started shit224 petrification1056 punish the villain402 tirekabuse51


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I honestly do not understand why they could just not put them back in Tartarus. It could have been a bittersweet ending where the trio is in prison, but at least they still have each other. All of their development went flushed down the toilet.

Yeah a lot of people tend to forget that, not only was a mutation into the hippie Changelings not a thing anyone thought could happen…
…but many of the Changelings were either extremely vicious drones, or just outright sociopaths like the ones posing as the Mane 6 and Spike.
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Armando Salazar
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The Butcher of the Sea
s it justice? no. but one can argue its laser guided karma considering how chrysalis abused her subjects literally starving them to death
when did that happen? to much tvtropes m8 having to form you own opinion wouldn’t harm and btw tahtw as never canon….  
her changeling even smirked during her plans….
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Background Pony #16AE
They deserved a more heroic doom.  
Shutting your eyes kid.(LT)  
I love the rainbow. (CG)
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Background Pony #430D
The only REAL heroes in the series would be Celestia, and actually Discord as well; everyone else is bad or evil to some degree.
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