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First Queen Chrysalis, then Queen Haydon, and now Queen Novo. Truly the best queens are the fattest ones. <3

"For Brandon4544: Who wanted to see Queen Novo get a well needed belly rub for her big belly." ~ PrinceBlueMoon3
suggestive137203 artist:princebluemoon3672 queen novo1297 hippogriff9236 my little pony: the movie18659 belly27159 belly button74166 bellyrubs1085 big belly10394 bingo wings2132 chubby cheeks3552 disembodied hand2693 double chin1703 fat21368 female1321306 grayscale36996 hand8400 huge belly3063 impossibly large belly10002 massage1050 monochrome146908 morbidly obese7532 neck roll891 novobese10 obese11123 sketch60782 solo1033025 solo female175594 traditional art114792


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