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dead source22130 safe1681423 artist:purplekecleon96 angel bunny9754 applejack167910 fluttershy210092 pinkie pie213866 rainbow dash231233 rarity179595 bird7999 earth pony239487 pegasus282223 pony943528 unicorn312895 magical mystery cure2314 balloon10069 biting3678 crying42749 fabric589 female1340628 floppy ears50920 looking up16065 mare468711 open mouth140897 prone25060 rain5988 raised hoof44471 sad24195 spread wings53314 swapped cutie marks704 wet7870 wet mane5126 wet mane rarity815


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Background Pony #706C
seems that dash destiny is to manage the weather. so much for the 'bolts. :x
Background Pony #5D57
I still think they could have made it work, if only they'd gotten a little bit of help. :(