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The practice for Music Videos Contest was a bit strict, it was almost without breaks.  
One of the results: Fluttershy wet her pants due the lack of restroom breaks.
Bad edit of >>1529661
suggestive148499 artist:wolf154 edit136088 edited screencap67359 screencap228019 fluttershy217533 rainbow dash238872 equestria girls207601 accident1298 blushing205031 cap4826 clothes476852 embarrassed11761 fetish41732 hat90579 pee edit137 peeing in pants78 pissing3997 rapper dash141 tutu1117 urine6760 watersports3399 wetting1256


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The Dark Pony

I’m sure Rainbow Dash will have her feeling better in no time. I love seeing Fluttershy wet herself, but at the same time I hope the humiliation - while fun in its own way for fictional instances - doesn’t last too long.
@Phantom Rider  
It does kind of look like that, doesn’t it? (And of all the Equestria Girls she’d probably actually take pride in farting)