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safe1723879 artist:animesoul55 part of a set12665 applejack171287 big macintosh28504 diamond tiara10295 flash sentry12979 fluttershy214537 pinkie pie217910 rainbow dash235862 rarity183351 sci-twi24588 silver spoon6576 spike79377 sunset shimmer63701 twilight sparkle302679 dog9644 pony984284 unicorn331026 equestria girls202788 beautiful5656 bubblegum1263 color porn1071 converse5732 cute202438 duality4309 female1378606 food71290 geode of empathy3106 gum1100 human ponidox3560 humane five3468 humane seven2582 humane six3293 magical geodes8965 male378969 mare489519 part of a series2608 pixiv14300 puddle962 rain6145 reflection3218 road868 self ponidox8228 shimmerbetes4425 shoes37482 solo focus17127 spike the dog2639 street757 tarot card670 technically advanced105 umbrella2726 wings110764


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I believe this picture is deserving of the "technically advanced" tag. I may not be an artist, but I hope I can tell when someone's good at drawing!