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Uploaded before YP left DA for the first time, these are pretty much the closest thing we have to 'canon' Shadowbolts.
dead source21467 safe1653861 artist:pooryorick92 nightshade428 oc652495 oc:blueball blitz35 oc:charger33 oc:nightshade162 oc:starry skies45 oc:stratus32 pony918357 black background5137 bust46460 clothes440936 costume26599 female1317590 goggles13685 grin36114 male355757 mare456282 portrait29895 reference sheet11708 shadowbolts1574 shadowbolts (nightmare moon's minions)68 shadowbolts costume1112 simple background375855 smiling233888 stallion102185


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You know I wonder if they got the idea for Thunderlane from Charger?

Since Charger looks almost identical to Thunderlane and this fanart was made in 2011 and the episode Hurricane Fluttershy (Thunderlane's first appearance) aired in 2012.
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I think all of them are sexy, so i agree with @krautalicorn$$. Your welcome bro
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Dude, you gotta add Lightning Dust to the Shadow Bolt roster, she'd be, like the rookie taken in under the leads wings or sumthin. It fits too well!
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DitzyDoo483 That's a girl

Sadly, I've only seen one fic use them… And that turned them into victims fighting against the corrupt Wonderbolts.