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From a magic world called “PAUSED MOMENTS” i took this of a still frame of Sci-Twi doing this really brief pose, and i decided to vector it… Also this was done from a really, really blurry image.
Vectored from the EQG special “Forgotten Friendship”.
Program: Inkscape.

safe2211729 artist:alandssparkle285 sci-twi31872 twilight sparkle363146 equestria girls260613 equestria girls specials24602 g42066342 my little pony equestria girls: better together40421 my little pony equestria girls: forgotten friendship6537 absurd resolution68216 adorasexy13074 beach babe851 beautiful8923 beautisexy2061 bedroom eyes84359 clothes651215 cute271369 feet55702 female1845874 flip-flops1287 glasses91235 looking at you268533 one-piece swimsuit6580 sandals5843 sci-twi swimsuit463 seductive5503 seductive look4224 seductive pose3548 sexy47588 simple background616411 sleeveless8931 solo1457159 swimsuit40359 transparent background292134 vector90867


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