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How To 'GAIN' Your Dragoness {redux} #3

Gosh! Our dragon princess is REALLY into those sweets, ain't she? Still a lot of room back there!
You know what they say "the bigger she gets, the more of her to love and respect"!

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1 RETWEET = 6lbs
Every Ko-Fi ($3 USD) = 15lbs
New follower = 45lbs
5 Ko-Fi’s ($15 USD) = 105 lbs
suggestive145285 artist:rupertbluefox177 princess ember6586 smolder8062 dragon57363 series:how to gain your dragoness10 belly28905 belly button79317 cake9927 cheek squish916 cute202584 dialogue66420 dragoness8655 dragonlard ember158 drink4944 emberbetes250 eyes closed95447 fat22332 fat ass315 fat fetish1600 female1379411 fetish40672 food71358 full mouth71 gem6085 hug28658 implied smolder70 implied spike763 incentive drive228 lava900 leg hug123 male379315 mug4326 obese11684 squishy cheeks2426 trio9408 weight gain4324 weight gain sequence821


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