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It must of happened in the middle of the night (just like Santa) and I decided to push this one out since it was one of the closest ones to being finished, instead of playing the new WoW Shadowlands expansion just released last night, that I still haven’t played yet! ;P  
Thanks again and I know I said it a few times now, but Average Mareio Sisters (YTP) is still VERY VERY VERY close to being done. I want it to be perfect since it really is THE BIGGEST PROJECT I have yet worked on!  
More Pony YTP (playlist):
safe1864936 edit146909 apple bloom54033 applejack181137 big macintosh30132 bon bon17287 capper dapperpaws1689 captain celaeno1256 comet tail911 dj pon-330713 fluttershy227976 grubber880 lyra heartstrings31138 minuette6221 moondancer5309 octavia melody25210 pinkie pie229884 princess cadance35212 princess celestia100825 princess luna105138 princess skystar2215 queen novo1590 rainbow dash249746 rarity195169 scootaloo53747 shining armor24872 soarin'14703 songbird serenade1324 spike84090 spitfire14213 starlight glimmer52750 storm king1272 sweetie belle51563 sweetie drops17287 tempest shadow17747 trixie72109 twilight sparkle320357 vinyl scratch30713 oc779235 alicorn254067 dragon64845 earth pony314818 human180496 pegasus357777 pony1209349 unicorn395388 a canterlot wedding3176 lesson zero1644 my little pony: pony life6010 my little pony: the movie20154 pony life6552 twilight's kingdom3283 a clockwork orange78 animated106673 aqua teen hunger force262 background pony10843 bipedal40516 celestia is not amused597 cutie mark crusaders20125 let's fly to the castle61 mane seven7052 mane six33960 master shake46 mormons27 mystery science theater 3000151 sound11031 spies like us1 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132554 unamused18528 wayne's world17 webm16929 winged spike8993 wings149527 youtube poop379


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