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[TF] Princess Petrification IV: Originally published November 27th 2015

Here it is. The last in the series. And of course the bloody scanner wrecked the colours…
Was originally planning of having Tirek be the villain but with the season five finale coming up, I figured Starlight Glimmer would be more appropriate.
safe1749186 artist:artistnjc100 part of a set13455 starlight glimmer49759 twilight sparkle305972 alicorn232677 pony1009385 unicorn341812 the cutie re-mark3227 abuse8065 bad end2218 bipedal36164 evil grin4595 evil starlight75 female1400746 grin40839 mare501633 petrification991 rearing5860 s5 starlight1903 simple background408720 smiling260489 spread wings56983 this will end in communism300 transformation11307 trapped848 turned to stone62 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126143 twilybuse594 white background102387 wings122847


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