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Guys just humour me on this one. The writing's bad and it ended up not having to do much with the picture. Sorry 'bout that. Also, I wasn't able to convey it properly but this is supposed to be during the Apple Family Reunion. ~~ "Your Aunt Brown Betty's gonna stay with us for a bit after, Sugarcube." AJ said, placing down a stack of paper plates. Sugarcube wasn't sure if her mom was talking to her, or using the universal Apple nickname. She went with the former. "Oh. Alright." She glanced at the clock. "Geez, Ma, we've only got eight minutes before they start arriving!" AJ dropped the napkins. "Hustle!" ~~ "What's wrong, CC? You've barely talked to anypony." Sugarcube asked, hovering over the filly. She mumbled something in response. "Tell you what, I see someone over there I ain't met yet. How 'bout we go and meet 'em together? How's that sound?" CC nodded. ~~ "Well, hiya there!" Sugarcube stuck out a hoof enthusiastically. "I'm Cerulean Smith- you can call me Sugarcube-, and this is mah little sister Caramel Crisp. Say hi, Cee." "Hi." The brown pony nodded absent-mindedly. "Hello." "How'dya get all them scars, Miss?" CC seemed to brighten when she asked the question, her tail even giving a little wave. Before she could respond, two familiar ponies came walking up. Their presence caused the mysterious pony to tense up almost immediatley. "How's it goin', Frostbite?" AJ asked. "Well. Thank you, Aunt Jackie." "It's nothin', sugarcube. And please, call me AJ." Before Frost could respond, her eyes suddenly narrowed. She pointed a hoof accusingly at her other aunt, with a vague snarl beginning to form on her face. "Who is that?" "Rainbow Dash Apple!" Dash tried to puff out her chest confidently, but suddenly felt faint and staggered backward. "The one and only!" Frost was taken aback. "Oh. A pegasus. A pregnant pegasus, too. How nice. Congratulations, Ms. Dash." "Uh... thanks?"
safe1617008 artist:gallantserver38 applejack162722 rainbow dash224192 oc628124 oc:caramel crisp2 oc:cerulean smith1 earth pony216457 pegasus257786 pony884815 appledash5520 do i look angry224 faic11645 female1287221 filly61708 lesbian91920 magical lesbian spawn10833 mare439983 offspring35418 parent:applejack3497 parent:rainbow dash5138 parents:appledash309 shipping188524


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