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The absolute madmare is even doing it at her own galas now, right in front of all the Canterlot nobility! And that's another doodle commission for ExTor of course.

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suggestive132938 artist:fetishsketches684 princess celestia91296 alicorn206689 anthro240824 plantigrade anthro29097 arm behind head5719 armpits41863 barefoot25722 big feet190 clothes427122 doodle2530 dress41228 feet36734 fetish36715 foot fetish7095 foot focus2416 gala199 horn52559 horn jewelry551 horn ring5181 jewelry55490 necklace16483 public1410 ring2597 soles3869 sweaty feet102 toe rings72


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Background Pony #4B64
I bet she intentionally makes herself bigger the more angry glares she gets.