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suggestive132938 artist:severity-gray47 twilight sparkle288710 alicorn206684 pony885911 absurd resolution64369 bedroom eyes54941 bound wings3313 clothes427116 collar30315 corset4023 cutie mark44006 eyeshadow14091 feather5463 feather boa131 gimp suit202 high heels10082 hood1193 horn52555 latex10648 latex boots505 latex socks1942 latex suit3077 lipstick10145 long hair3769 long mane3080 makeup19205 platform heels317 platform shoes204 ponytail16503 posture collar148 rubber1440 seductive1904 seductive look1134 seductive pose1477 shiny2133 shoes32365 simple background362361 smiling225120 socks59865 solo1005650 squeaky36 tail wrap6116 tight clothing2288 transparent background187735 trousers158 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118557 wings88372


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Artist -

Coldlight Bluestar
The reign of Friendship has ended. Now is the begginning of the era of Pleasure x3
And yes, Rarity will get the royal resources to do so :3
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

A new order of dominant unicorns under their alicorn goddess will bring new untold pleasures to Equestria.

And a LOT of business for Rarity making outfits for all of them and their new slaves/pets/toys.