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this has been sitting finished on my computer for a good while, so here ya go
the mlp mane 6 (by memory!)
safe1614016 artist:hotlineori2 applejack162457 fluttershy202849 pinkie pie207315 rainbow dash223893 rarity173615 twilight sparkle288076 alicorn205717 earth pony215410 pegasus256737 pony881588 unicorn284572 apple15258 bust43974 chest fluff34260 cowboy hat14030 cute185994 ear piercing23101 eating8980 element of generosity767 female1284759 food64170 hat79415 mane six30354 mare438887 open mouth129651 piercing36892 portrait29213 smiling224208 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118276 unshorn fetlocks22378


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