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This is the cover art for my story: Danganronpa: In Harmony's Wake, on FIMFiction now. We've just finished the entirety of Chapter One, and will be starting Chapter Two very soon. You can read the story here.

This was made using a combination of a screencap taken from the Spring Breakdown special, a whole heap of Cutie Mark vectors taken off of Deviant Art, and GIMP, as well as fonts obtained from the internet. The crosshair was made by me in Inkscape. Credits are as follows:

Cutie Marks:



Monokuma Eye:
safe1617610 artist:dewdrops on the grass4 edit123199 edited screencap59283 screencap211018 adagio dazzle12241 apple bloom47538 applejack162776 diamond tiara9863 flash sentry12175 fluttershy203209 pinkie pie207683 rainbow dash224247 rarity173935 sci-twi22520 scootaloo49671 sunset shimmer58978 sweetie belle47328 timber spruce1855 trixie64090 twilight sparkle288546 wallflower blush1856 equestria girls187886 friendship games12282 cruise ship219 cutie mark43972 danganronpa238 fanfiction art12 fanfiction cover4 vectors used11


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