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Originally posted on: April 6, 2018, 11:09 PM UTC
Reconnecting (Collab)
After so long, my friend Loreto-Arts and I have done yet another collaboration!! He drew his pony and dragon on the left, and I drew my pony and her fox on the right. Our characters are meeting again after so long.❤️

Anyways, I hope you guys like this, and tell me what you think!❤️⭐

Characters and art on left belong to Loreto-Arts

Art on the right is by me.

safe1617554 artist:artmama113197 artist:loreto-arts545 oc628473 oc:darkspell12 oc:yaoilover73 alicorn206481 bat pony45104 bat pony alicorn1785 bicorn177 dragon51008 fox1244 pony885234 bat pony oc15111 bat wings7615 choker10333 clothes426784 collaboration4998 collar30286 dragon oc779 female1287627 glasses56929 glowing horn17748 horn52401 indoors2211 lockers1498 magic68530 male344484 mare440155 multiple horns291 stallion98049 telekinesis25668 unshorn fetlocks22446 wings88195


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