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#SaveEquestriaGirls and here’s a special montage for this longest series since 2013 for 7 years! If you’re not doubt with that I got 5 words: the show must go on! #Montage #MLPEG #EGSeason3 #EquestriaGirls #Letupita725HD #Hasbro https://t.co/WgINwiDMi9
safe1769483 artist:alexky201615 artist:jericollage7021 edit137968 edited edit2634 edited screencap68829 screencap231393 adagio dazzle13414 apple bloom51595 applejack174767 aqua blossom611 aria blaze10131 blueberry cake779 captain planet696 cherry crash659 curly winds670 dean cadance1183 flash sentry13255 fluttershy219008 fuchsia blush780 gaea everfree602 gloriosa daisy1869 indigo zap2533 lavender lace795 lemon zest3240 microchips1412 normal norman916 pinkie pie221811 pixel pizazz413 princess cadance33397 princess celestia97314 princess luna101370 principal abacus cinch983 principal celestia3628 rainbow dash240287 rarity187206 rose heart675 sandalwood1129 sci-twi25704 scootaloo52184 scott green430 scribble dee549 snails5384 snips4272 some blue guy647 sonata dusk13960 sour sweet3424 spike81116 sugarcoat3405 sunny flare2786 sunset shimmer65458 sweetie belle50021 tennis match544 thunderbass706 timber spruce1970 trixie69186 twilight sparkle308388 valhallen543 vice principal luna2603 violet blurr385 watermelody1038 wiz kid684 alicorn236057 bird8985 dog10042 earth pony274282 pegasus316439 pony1029486 unicorn350365 acadeca159 equestria girls209757 equestria girls (movie)7623 friendship games12874 legend of everfree8145 rainbow rocks18614 bass guitar613 battle of the bands195 beautiful5854 better than ever50 blushing207297 chs rally song104 crossed arms5481 crystal empire2370 cutie mark crusaders19424 dancing8671 daydream shimmer927 drum kit259 drums1121 embrace the magic79 eyes closed99932 fall formal outfits1579 forest10757 geode of empathy3365 geode of fauna2144 geode of shielding2528 geode of sugar bombs2323 geode of super speed2843 geode of super strength2587 geode of telekinesis3269 glasses65768 hallway973 headphones8186 helping twilight win the crown414 holding hands2838 hug29435 humane five3698 humane seven2750 humane six3509 jewelry70432 legend you were meant to be50 lockers1818 looking at each other21864 looking at you178483 looking up17373 magic capture device380 magical geodes10290 microphone5416 midnight sparkle2588 mirror5504 musical instrument11947 op can't let go98 ponied up5356 ponytail19257 rainbow rocks outfit190 regalia21562 right there in front of me77 selfie3362 shadow five652 shadowbolts1675 shine like rainbows131 smiling266602 smiling at you5684 spike the dog2696 sunset satan1365 the dazzlings4515 the midnight in me28 the rainbooms336 this is our big night125 time to come together47 twilight ball dress201 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127131 twilight strong38 twolight1228 under our spell86 unleash the magic146 wall of tags3760 we will stand for everfree39 welcome to the show204 wings126717 wondercolts721 wondercolts uniform216


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Background Pony #8752
If you’re not doubt with that I got 5 words: the show must go on
if want the show must go on why not make yourself eqg animation than request to hasbro.  
you know what make animation is not free.dude
@Background Pony #639D  
yeah this just eqg movie marathon.
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Passionate opinionator
@Background Pony #6908  
I would have been one of those people if the Dazzlings appeared more often and got into silly situations where they would need to learn a friendship lesson from Sunset to understand why they’re struggling. But since the writers thought that was too stupid of an idea, I couldn’t care less about EqG.
Background Pony #6908
Oh my god, when will people realize that Equestria Girls is never coming back? No matter how many times you tell them, the message just never seems to go through