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I was thinking of making a new profile pic.
I was already using Chi as something of a mascot so might as well again.

Also, first Derpi post. =w=

Shy albino batpony yes.
safe1677214 artist:symbianl333 oc666419 oc only438671 oc:lai chi52 bat pony48181 pony939929 albino320 bat pony oc16619 bat wings8866 blushing192756 cute195456 floppy ears50735 fluffy13917 looking at you163293 ocbetes4951 solo1044311 symbianl is trying to murder us34 weapons-grade cute3615 wings101188


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Rice pone
Albino bat pony who dreams one day to fly under the sun, with the issue of sever sunburn as an obstacle. This is a dual Character Care between a goal and an inherent, limiting trait. This is fantastic and very effective of an OC, and totally adorable.
Background Pony #4F78
Dude, this image isn't featured. It's in the "trending images" tab, which shows four high-scoring pics posted in the last three days, so this image would have to have already been popular to get there.