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safe2155435 artist:vetta219 twilight sparkle354889 alicorn310329 pony1583382 g42008276 berry299 blushing269193 cute263283 daaaaaaaaaaaw6919 eyes on the prize6780 female1782312 floppy ears71967 food100050 fork1245 glowing18439 glowing horn28742 herbivore2770 high res406254 horn179731 hungry809 levitation16085 licking27319 licking lips5609 magic95604 magic aura8776 mare728955 pancakes1718 simple background585953 smiling390362 solo1410556 spread wings92116 syrup292 telekinesis38606 that pony sure does love pancakes2 tongue out145050 twiabetes15189 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148107 white background157774 wing fluff2303 wings217389


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Background Pony #6025
Alicorn eat a lot for their energy but Pinkie if she be a alicorn she will eat 2 a 3 time of what Twilight will eat as Alicorn!
Background Pony #9E16
How is β€œthat pony sure does love pancakes” not a tag for Twilight yet?