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Beach Dia.

Hi~ ♥
suggestive136870 artist:scorpdk666 diamond tiara10040 human149987 adorasexy9280 anime5174 ass46800 backbend1583 beautiful5347 beautisexy694 big breasts77658 big eyes1001 bikini17319 boobs and butt pose403 breasts264935 busty diamond tiara395 butt50277 clothes441434 curvy6373 cute192114 cute little fangs1939 diamond buttiara199 diamondbetes524 dimples of venus279 eyebrows visible through hair1404 eyelashes8122 fangs23905 female1319124 gravity-defying breasts805 hair tie760 hairtie38 huge breasts36447 humanized97912 legal advice in the comments1 lips1063 looking at you159609 looking back54257 looking back at you13393 older25358 older diamond tiara721 open mouth136690 panties48669 ponytail16987 rear view11274 seductive2032 seductive look1210 sexy27872 sideboob9814 skimpy outfit438 sky13180 sky background89 sling bikini1325 smiling234367 solo1031388 solo female175391 stupid sexy diamond tiara64 sultry pose1797 swimsuit27065 thighs11766 thong5876 thong swimsuit752 underwear58785 wide hips15721


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The only problem with this is Scorp doesn't do enough pony stuff nowadays; his DT's are always super-hot, in particular. They have been missed.
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I comment unfunny jokes
@Background Pony #2C28

"Stealing" in this context usually refers to posting it with the claim you created it, using it for financial profit (as in using for shirts, jewelry, or merchandise without explicit consent or compensation to the creator), or in some cases — it depends — making unauthorized edits or tracing without approval from the original creator. If the original creator (in this case, artist) didn't give explicit permission for an edit or a trace but has stated that they are okay with this (like say, in the description of a DeviantART post for said drawing that edits are okay), then permission can be implied. Reposting the original work or an edit of the original work it is a bit of a gray area, but if you are not claiming to be the creator or said creator is fine with it (It's not uncommon for an artist and a commissioner of work to each post it on their respective accounts on DeviantArt, InkBunny, whatever), then that is usually okay. If an artist is okay with edits, then it's fine; if they are not okay with edits and you post anyway, depending on the guidelines of a website it can range anywhere from being a "dick move" to being a bannable offense. It's when there is not some sort of agreement present that you run into the art theft argument. A "Creative Commons" license, also known as "Common Use" is an example of implied permission as the artist posts a drawing/song/etc with the purpose of giving other people the right to share, use, and build upon the work they created, often with the prerequisite of giving credit to the original creator. Kevin Macleod, an American composer who produces many royalty-free songs often seen in Youtube videos, is an example of this.

When it comes to downloading and printing or even making edits in some cases, doing these for personal use (as in not posting the edit or using it as a background for your PC or phone) is in most cases not stealing so long as you are not profiting from doing so. If you were to be printing artwork for the purpose of selling them at a convention or using them in a book or something that would profit you financially, that is I would consider not only "stealing" but depending on where you are and the circumstances thereof can land you in legal hot water with a civil or sometimes even criminal suit.

Tl;Dr, downloading or printing by itself usually doesn't constitute being labeled as "stealing", it's the intent and the context that matters.

also, #NotLegalAdvice.
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I'm unsure how downloading art is considered stealing. Not like you're taking it away from everyone else by doing so XD
But if it makes you feel any better, you have full permission to download any piece of art I have drawn :P