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Right after transferring to CHS, Sci-Twi seems to feel safe with Celestia; safer than with Cinch after all this time at CPA, in fact.
Let that sink in.

safe1751817 princess celestia96815 principal celestia3607 sci-twi25350 spike80542 spike the regular dog2587 twilight sparkle306325 dog9863 equestria girls207363 friendship games12833 blazer215 bracelet10025 brooch385 canterlot high2854 clipboard1258 clothes476407 crystal prep academy uniform3458 cute205832 cutelestia3675 cutie mark accessory523 cutie mark brooch115 cutie mark hair accessory61 eye contact6611 gesture128 glasses64771 hair accessory360 hair bun3507 holding a dog10 jewelry68467 lipstick11662 looking at each other21482 momlestia fuel106 principal and student162 school uniform7446 smiling261404 twiabetes12275 watch1473 when she smiles1065 wristwatch555


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