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This came into being when I practised the proper use of light. Enjoy.
safe1677216 artist:darksittich46 twilight sparkle296797 pony939931 unicorn311424 eyebrows visible through hair1631 female1337037 golden oaks library4958 house2167 lantern1552 leaf1003 mare466872 mountain4951 namesake459 ponyville5673 pun7445 scenery7866 sitting61445 smiling240574 solo1044313 stars15158 sun6511 sunset5230 twilight (astronomy)646 unicorn twilight16612 visual pun1640


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yeah, my general point was just that when you feel that way it might be important to be able to separate for you personally that vibe and knowledge of what the person actually feels (which in this case might be what the artist has put in it), although on the other hand you can as well prioritize your own vision of images coz that's what feels nice for you and such
Either way did not mean anything negative towards you


My that is a lot of unnecessary waffling, sir/madam.

I'm not projecting any feelings I might have unto her and I'm well aware that it definitely wasn't the intention behind this image. But I see her as lonely here anyway, because that's just the vibe I'm getting off from the image. She smiles, but does it entirely reach her eyes? Where are her friends, why isn't someone there to accompany her on a cold morning/night? Twilight has always been a solitary person regardless if she has friends or whether she is happy in this moment. She's always had a sort of 'otherness' that sets her apart from those around her and isolates her somewhat. The kind of otherness that would cause a Pony to abandon the warm, cozy inside and hang outside to watch the sunset/rise in the cold and the dark alone.

I think it may be dangerous when you think that someone is suffering from something while they say they are doing fine
It's okay to have personal assumptions, but being sure in your own ones more than in what a person can tell may lead you to hurting them or by the least not understanding them because of being focused on your own view of how they feel

Basically I think it's personally you who feels associations with being lonely which make you feel bad and thus, associating with what you see, make you feel like a person you see must be suffering too, while they may be actually truly okay and it's you who would need to learn to understand why and how they can feel okay in this case with what would make you feel bad if you were in their shoes, in order to understand them well and be able to believe that they can feel really okay/happy with what they have and not like suffering without realizing that

Oh also, it wasn't meant as blaming you in something or such, just sharing my thoughts on the subject you brought up, didn't mean that you are bad for thinking the way you think or that you actually do judge people like that anyway coz I can't know that

This probably isn't intentional, but what I read from this image is that Twilight Sparkle is that particular type of lonely where the person is not even able to tell they are lonely, and they think they're doing fine, but they are affected by loneliness regardless and their life suffers from it.

Or something.

Invisible Enemy
Woah! This is a great image with no doubt. I honestly don't remember the last time when I saw an image with Twilight unicorn and the tree she used to live, and also, with this level of quality. Definitely a memorable image that deserves to be in the Fetuared section; I hope we'll see it there soon.
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What we all wouldn't do to go back to those carefree days, back when our colt/fillyhood days biggest concern was if we wanted to play indoors or outdoors…

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