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An update version from this: >2484395
For the special edition of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic tenth anniversary update,

Add the mane 6 cutie mark
Credit for cutie marks:
Twilight Sparkle :
Rarity :
Applejack :
Rainbow Dash :
Pinkie Pie :
Fluttershy :

Happy #mlp10thanniversary
safe1706836 artist:apinkbuddypie2 applejack169946 fluttershy212697 pinkie pie216241 rainbow dash233992 rarity181873 spike78792 twilight sparkle300363 alicorn224505 dragon56326 earth pony248912 pegasus291977 pony968020 unicorn323561 mlp fim's tenth anniversary582 the last problem5798 10115 alternate hairstyle28107 crown16938 cutie mark47734 female1363496 gigachad spike823 granny smith's shawl178 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 hoof shoes5396 jewelry63692 mane seven6512 mane six31909 mare480825 medal558 older26714 older applejack751 older fluttershy705 older mane seven243 older mane six362 older pinkie pie711 older rainbow dash834 older rarity701 older spike5272 older twilight1671 peytral3550 princess twilight 2.02363 rainbow4529 regalia19930 scene interpretation8610 sitting63265 skunk stripe315 spyro the dragon560 sunset5382 sweet apple acres barn121 text59559 the end212 twilight (astronomy)653 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123670 winged spike8376


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