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Bust commission to nairdaGS
Thanks so much!
safe1705608 artist:nairdags87 pinkie pie216119 oc684121 oc:copper plume510 equestria girls200296 alternate hairstyle28075 blushing197503 bow28603 breasts277510 canon x oc24977 cleavage34547 clothes459302 commission68347 commissioner:imperfectxiii495 copperpie439 female1362261 freckles28836 geode of sugar bombs2050 glasses61870 hair bow15561 hand on shoulder318 jacket12518 jewelry63545 looking at you168480 magical geodes8844 male372367 neckerchief1823 necklace18757 one eye closed30689 open mouth145663 peace sign2937 shipping200142 shirt24899 simple background393102 smiling248181 straight136302 transparent background202197 wink24718


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