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They are dating
suggestive145289 artist:somefrigginnerd171 fluttershy214660 pinkie pie217994 earth pony255794 pegasus299061 pony985196 aroused1028 belly28905 belly button79319 belly fluff246 big belly11628 bipedal35262 chest fluff39967 dialogue66419 duo62682 duo female11388 fat22332 fat fetish1600 female1379448 females only12802 fetish40672 flutterpie1462 grayscale38534 heart49089 jumping3415 lesbian97970 monochrome150845 one eye closed31488 pudgy pie1548 shipping202500 spread wings55618 squishy2568 squishy belly36 sweat26899 thick4500 wings110947 wink25141


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