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Karoline Skies comes from a Slavic country with strong and beautiful traditions. Heritage is very close to her heart.
This particular outfit is inspired by Polish regional garments.
Drawing inspired by folk
safe1769187 artist:helmie-d170 oc721616 oc only471212 oc:karoline skies48 earth pony274159 pony1029097 braid6411 braided tail1246 clothes482437 crepuscular rays3205 cute207930 dress46582 ear fluff32224 earth pony oc10499 featured image918 female1417981 floral head wreath2127 flower27084 folk costume10 freckles30578 high res34468 looking up17369 mare510671 ocbetes5744 outfit1406 poland385 profile6369 raised hoof49312 shoes39565 skirt41670 slavic35 smiling266516 solo1108085 standing13283 sweet dreams fuel1686 twin braids130


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