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safe1973287 artist:adorkabletwilightandfriends1165 amethyst star2836 apple bloom56432 scootaloo55537 sparkler2728 sweetie belle53498 twilight sparkle333135 oc837575 oc:lawrence55 oc:trevor34 alicorn274768 earth pony362310 pegasus407476 pony1325359 unicorn447271 comic:adorkable twilight and friends1029 adorkable4057 adorkable twilight718 carving223 cloud37889 comic123987 contest360 cute236623 cutie mark crusaders20931 dork4375 female1605083 filly84969 friendship1518 glasses77506 halloween11452 hmm70 holiday28925 humor1105 innocent439 judge99 knife6354 library3726 male460532 mare619300 necktie9132 outdoors16068 overcast132 pumpkin5955 silly8242 sitting78791 slice of life1543 stallion150516 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138642 unamused20686


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