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Halloween art of Luna who stripped herself naked to join her sister to dress up as a pumpkin, as Celestia is naked too dressing up like a pumpkin again like last year with Twilight.
suggestive148396 artist:justsomepainter11174 princess celestia96752 princess luna100780 principal celestia3606 vice principal luna2586 equestria girls206969 ass50889 barefoot28494 breasts288636 busty princess celestia10591 busty princess luna7232 butt65869 covering4030 duo64708 duo female11925 feet41554 female1401617 females only13050 halloween8273 hips2768 holiday20431 jack-o-lantern2345 moonbutt3549 nudist principal celestia29 nudist vice principal luna13 nudity382276 pumpkin4296 shocked7250 show accurate17040 siblings9492 sideboob10803 simple background409004 sisters9334 white background102460 wide eyes17392


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