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super proud of this! it took a while but it was worth it! I was inspired by an old picture that mrscoup did years ago where they were nice enough to include my oc! so i thought i would make my own version with my own ocs! kinda nostalgic in a way! from left to right we have: clover springs (only her tail lol) honey, sonya sugarbee, maisy, autumn harvest, penelope, and jitterbug! this is part one of two! hopefully more in the future with more ocs from different people ;;w;;
i hope you all like it! also i believe the background is from an anime screenshot ;;w;;

safe1751826 artist:angelbeat-drift38 derpibooru exclusive29326 oc712489 oc only465701 oc:autumn harvest66 oc:clover springs5 oc:honey61 oc:jitterbug7 oc:maisy6 oc:penelope50 oc:sonya sugarbee2 bat pony52248 cow3452 cow pony452 deer6072 earth pony266442 insect1959 ladybug638 pegasus309615 unicorn342803 ascot331 bandana5519 bells388 biting3887 blank flank7711 blushing204852 bow30010 bowtie10656 braid6149 clothes476413 cute205832 cutie mark49768 eye clipping through hair6437 eyes closed98253 female1403022 fetlock tuft72 field1181 flower26734 flower in hair8079 freckles30154 group3571 grumpy2600 horn77854 horns6367 leaves2034 looking at each other21482 looking back60142 magic75454 mare502764 markings1868 mushroom988 nibbling270 nom3102 nom train4 pigtails4948 plant2185 smiling261407 socks68609 striped socks21956 tail bite656 thigh highs38215 weapons-grade cute3763 wings123384


not provided yet


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