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Current weight: 830 lbs  
Total weight thus far: 1823 lbs  
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suggestive150249 artist:lupin quill965 dj pon-329844 vinyl scratch29843 pony1030516 unicorn350832 series:vinyl scratch weight gain drive11 belly30008 belly on floor302 bent over4062 big belly12350 bingo wings2611 butt81868 chubby cheeks4019 city4420 dialogue69041 fat22877 fat fetish1720 female1419156 fetish42334 flabby chest409 huge butt10553 impossibly large belly10965 impossibly large butt7528 incentive drive245 large butt18574 looking at you178684 looking back61172 mare511366 morbidly obese8188 near immobile321 neck roll1118 night27902 obese11999 outdoors12008 plot83396 rolls of fat1927 sign4187 skyscraper284 solo1109052 stars16594 talking to viewer3019 the ass was fat14358 thighs15671 thunder thighs9277 tongue out110072 vinyl ass592 vinyl fat248 weight gain sequence890


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Background Pony #B8E7
@Lupin Quill  
All the more reason to not get heavy enough to put a hole in the roof until you’re back inside. Doubt you wanna pay for the damages.
Once you’re back inside, though, by all means, grow to your heart’s content.
Background Pony #B8E7
Might wanna head back home, Vinyl. I doubt the ponies below want you breaking through their ceilings from your sheer weight.