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Meant for this to be a YCH sample template but got carried away and made it into a Fluttershy! YCH info can still be found on my NSFW Instagram, demitri_nsfw. Also, my SFW insta is demitri_art_
suggestive148444 artist:demitri81 fluttershy217296 human159001 equestria girls207206 :34702 ahegao25645 blushing204763 blushing profusely2121 bust52623 clothes476257 collarbone177 colored19867 crying44838 cute205772 digital art20171 dog lip22 drool25721 ear blush801 female1402457 heart eyes17519 messy hair1008 open mouth154537 partial nudity21387 portrait31856 saliva puddle229 salivating1830 shyabetes14510 signature26952 solo1094799 solo female183708 stupid sexy fluttershy1116 tears of pleasure854 teary eyes4407 tongue out108321 topless14271 wingding eyes23470


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