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Between college, Covid and exploring other artistic mediums, it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded any art here. My last vector took a seriously long amount of time to make, and I felt exhausted after completion, so a break of sorts was definitely in order.
FiM’s 10th anniversary was a perfect excuse for me to get back into vectoring, and I’m quite happy with the result. While not the most original picture in the world, there’s no denying how far our favourite bookhorse has come in the past ten years.

safe2153066 artist:devfield129 twilight sparkle354503 alicorn309788 pony1580991 mlp fim's tenth anniversary600 g42006137 absurd resolution67038 banner2599 building3490 bush4515 clothes625101 crepuscular rays4727 crown29380 crystal4110 crystal empire2844 cute263028 cutie mark51394 doorway646 female1779741 flower38645 folded wings18807 glowing18368 happy birthday mlp:fim1557 hoof shoes9354 horn178417 jewelry110586 mare727421 raised hoof68407 reflection4604 regalia35682 show accurate26417 smiling389331 solo1408796 sparkles8676 stairs2172 street1249 tail accessory26 twiabetes15176 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147936 vector89277 window13557 wings216540


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