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NPC in a D&D&Pony game I've started. Amazing Maze comes from and was raised on a farm; moved and went to school in Canterlot, because she had a grandiose vision for her future; went to train with a company of griffin mercenaries (the Grey Talons; ) and is now leading a team from the Equestrian Geographic Society to map uncharted territories. She then went to Fir Alley (a frontier town) to recruit our current heroes. Curious and full of energy, Maze only feels at home when out exploring new worlds, while being a leader is brand new to her.

Leader of the EGS team.
Her cutie mark changed when she neared her adult years, from a green hedge maze to a multi-coloured star.
(She was based off Gallery Dart, but I did not want to use Gallery in-game since she's an artist and not an adventurer.)


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