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Current weight: 600 lbs  
Total weight thus far: 1619 lbs  
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suggestive151734 artist:lupin quill985 dj pon-329955 vinyl scratch29954 pony1094220 unicorn357588 series:vinyl scratch weight gain drive11 belly30471 big belly12703 bingo wings2712 butt94117 chubby cheeks4130 dialogue69963 double chin2041 fat23189 fat fetish1789 female1435122 fetish43065 flabby chest434 floppy ears56590 food75185 ice cream5293 incentive drive245 large butt19050 magic77301 mare519445 morbidly obese8334 near immobile331 neck roll1159 obese12207 open mouth161803 out of service5 out of shape42 outdoors12377 panting3096 plot85811 rolls of fat1985 sign4241 skyscraper289 solo1122704 stairs1765 sunglasses15480 sweat28614 sweatdrop3570 talking to viewer3194 the ass was fat14519 tongue out111661 vinyl ass601 vinyl fat249 weight gain sequence917


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Background Pony #0759
Why is the pony on the emergency exit sign big too? Is massive weight gain common in this version of Equestria?
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Background Pony #0759
Seems like she gained a disproportionate amount in her face. Looks kinda odd from the side, but it’s absolutely adorable from the front.
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Background Pony #D521
This is how I feel after 8 months cooped up at home without the gym.
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