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Here's to a decade of friendship, cupcakes, and exploding rainbows. Happy 10th Anniversary My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

If you think this piece was crowded now, this was the toned-down version. There were a ton of other characters I wanted to feature here. This show just had a fantastic cast of memorable characters.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the show wasn't perfect, but it made me happy, it made a lot of people happy. I think that's what's most important in the end.
safe1704138 artist:joeywaggoner456 apple bloom49429 applejack169695 discord30938 fluttershy212398 pinkie pie215995 princess celestia94928 princess luna99043 rainbow dash233686 rarity181628 scootaloo51210 spike78706 starlight glimmer48584 sunset shimmer62915 sweetie belle48980 twilight sparkle300051 alicorn224045 draconequus11653 dragon56168 earth pony247881 pegasus290867 pony965412 unicorn322266 mlp fim's tenth anniversary581 :34523 applejack's hat7289 arm behind head6321 arms wide open116 blushing197243 braided pigtails160 bridesmaid dress288 cake9784 camera3977 cape10307 clothes458804 cmc cape243 coronation dress693 costume27410 cowboy hat15804 crown16888 cutie mark crusaders19009 dangerous mission outfit773 detective rarity692 dress44426 eye clipping through hair5541 female1360968 flower25581 flower in hair7705 flying38066 food69959 gala dress4566 goggles14043 gradient background12595 grin38410 group3480 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 hat86638 high res29129 hoodie14117 hoof shoes5378 hooves in air232 jacket12497 jewelry63414 jumping out of cake11 leather jacket3244 looking at you168162 looking up16426 male371922 mane seven6499 mane six31866 mare479450 one eye closed30600 open mouth145353 pacman eyes188 peytral3542 raised hoof45521 regalia19866 royal sisters4444 saloon dress367 saloon pinkie290 show stopper outfits292 signature24641 simple background392637 sisters8821 smiling247641 smiling at you3420 top hat4171 tuxedo1380 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123560 uniform10603 wide eyes17028 winged spike8363 wink24673 winking at you793 wonderbolts uniform5828


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