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Here’s to a decade of friendship, cupcakes, and exploding rainbows. Happy 10th Anniversary My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
If you think this piece was crowded now, this was the toned-down version. There were a ton of other characters I wanted to feature here. This show just had a fantastic cast of memorable characters.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the show wasn’t perfect, but it made me happy, it made a lot of people happy. I think that’s what’s most important in the end.
safe1945483 artist:joeywaggoner463 apple bloom55830 applejack186327 discord34509 fluttershy235764 pinkie pie236660 princess celestia104132 princess luna108287 rainbow dash257140 rarity201174 scootaloo55121 spike86453 starlight glimmer54696 sunset shimmer71541 sweetie belle53008 twilight sparkle330019 alicorn269670 draconequus16486 dragon70288 earth pony350437 pegasus394817 pony1295240 unicorn433579 mlp fim's tenth anniversary590 :35646 applejack's hat11562 arm behind head8298 arms wide open137 blushing234656 braided pigtails264 bridesmaid dress321 cake11386 camera4581 cape12624 clothes549420 cmc cape296 coronation dress844 costume34711 cowboy hat21416 crown24152 cutie mark crusaders20719 dangerous mission outfit829 detective rarity785 dress52843 eye clipping through hair10580 female1578851 flower32019 flower in hair9882 flying46477 food85844 gala dress4986 goggles16249 gradient background16773 grin51542 group5121 happy birthday mlp:fim1533 hat106289 high res83893 hoodie17456 hoof shoes7333 hooves in air336 jacket15840 jewelry88499 leather jacket4495 looking at you212228 looking up20234 male450384 mane seven7288 mane six35017 mare603710 one eye closed39100 open mouth193023 pacman eyes196 peytral4807 popping out of a cake174 raised hoof58607 regalia28800 royal sisters5507 saloon dress405 saloon pinkie324 show stopper outfits329 signature34174 simple background490238 sisters12539 smiling323380 smiling at you13167 top hat4960 tuxedo1624 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137286 uniform13224 wide eyes18663 winged spike9260 wings168966 wink29167 winking at you2153 wonderbolts uniform6583


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