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So I made something for my Warriors fans, so here's something for my MLP Followers. ^^

This is what I pictured what happened 1000 years ago when Luna and Celestia defeated King Sombra, and the origin of Nightmare Moon was born.

As you see, Luna has stared into the door of fears, and Sombra mocking the subjects, and teasing Luna that she will always be a shadow of her sister ever since they both took the throne.

Sombra: Tsk, tsk, it seems that your subjects don't care about your night.
Luna: No, no they care! They do. Just as much as they do for my sister's day!
Sombra: Do you actually believe that, dear Princess of the Night? You hide these fears from your sister, do you believe them?

Days has past since then, Luna just stares into her fear, until Celestia finally finds her way to her. Taking Luna away from the wall, reassuring her that he's just trying to hurt her.
safe1750090 artist:thewolfpack154 king sombra14228 princess luna100778 alicorn232835 pony1010135 unicorn342144 armor24464 bevor68 cape10730 chestplate162 clothes475849 corrupted2780 corrupted luna12 crown17954 crystal2710 crystal empire2361 curved horn7180 dark4631 dark crystal220 dark luna4 dark magic2760 dark princess7 darkness705 darkuna2 duo64704 female1401551 glowing eyes11578 gorget90 grin40900 helmet11207 horn77532 implied lumbra36 implied shipping5192 jewelry68181 magic75373 male387890 mare502020 necklace20368 peytral3774 possessed1770 possessed luna1 possession514 regalia21136 robe3749 shipping205627 smiling260813 smug6259 sombra empire236 sombra eyes3610 sombra's cape82 sombra's robe45 stallion115678 straight140298 tiara4262 tyrant luna14


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