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My friend and ghostwriter flabbyfurry wrote a WG story involving Luna and Twilight, and I liked it so much that I just had to illustrate it. This isn't super accurate, as Twilight is supposed to be wearing a dress, but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out.
suggestive140785 artist:lordstormcaller114 princess celestia94249 princess luna98434 twilight sparkle298254 alicorn221107 unicorn315801 anthro256245 unguligrade anthro47608 bbwoona10 belly27940 belly button76421 big belly10977 bikini17809 bra15655 breasts273182 busty princess celestia10105 busty princess luna6814 busty twilight sparkle11847 cleavage34121 clothes453076 dialogue64463 diet76 expansion851 fat21856 fattening60 female1346772 females only12311 fetish39186 hands on belly54 high res26770 illustration385 light blue background23 looking at each other19721 muffin top699 overweight366 pants14228 princess moonpig542 short pants38 simple background387430 story illustration3 sweat25866 sweatpants337 swimsuit27781 tight clothing2491 trio8911 trio female1669 twilard sparkle1334 underwear60093 weight gain4192 wide eyes16901 word balloon287


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Poor princess Twilight Sparkle really should stop eating burger to regain her slim and elegant figure