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My friend and ghostwriter flabbyfurry wrote a WG story involving Luna and Twilight, and I liked it so much that I just had to illustrate it. This isn’t super accurate, as Twilight is supposed to be wearing a dress, but I’m still pretty happy with how it turned out.
suggestive150189 artist:lordstormcaller120 part of a set14004 princess celestia97315 princess luna101370 twilight sparkle308389 alicorn236060 unicorn350375 anthro273009 unguligrade anthro50910 series:gamer grub3 belly29955 belly button82445 belly grab223 big belly12308 big breasts87501 bikini19237 bra16688 breasts292819 busty princess celestia10669 busty princess luna7331 busty twilight sparkle12616 chubby cheeks4012 cleavage36028 clothes482547 dialogue68998 diet81 expansion908 fanfic art15083 fat22860 fattening61 female1418225 females only13271 fetish42293 hands on belly64 high res34478 illustration407 light blue background35 looking at each other21865 muffin top707 obese11991 overweight386 pants15584 part of a series2843 princess moonpig581 shorts14749 simple background415471 speech bubble24891 sweatpants389 swimsuit30114 thighs15650 thunder thighs9256 tight clothing2701 trio9985 trio female2094 twilard sparkle1398 underwear63107 weight gain4493


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Poor princess Twilight Sparkle really should stop eating burger to regain her slim and elegant figure
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