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Hello everyone!  
Soon there will be Nightmare Night in all Equestria!  
I prepared something special for this day and drew probably the biggest project in my whole art history here! This Halloween Special art, was brought to life by me, but was born in my husband’s head two years ago. I think, I finally grew up to manage it properly, and you are all to judge.
It is time to finally open the YCH characters for all you.
1.$35 OPEN
2. sold
3.$45 OPEN
4. sold
6.$45 OPEN
7.$35 OPEN
8.$40 OPEN
9. $35 OPEN
10.$45 OPEN
11.$45 OPEN
12. sold
13. sold  
14. sold
15. $45 OPEN
16. $45 OPEN
I will draw a costume for every YCH character according to the buyer will.*
Numbers 3. and 4. preferably Kirin possibly Ponies of any race.  
Numbers 12. and 13. must be Pegasus or Batponies  
Numbers 15. and 16. must be Griffons. One of the character could be Hippogriff
All remaining numbers are ponies of any race.
*I reserve the right to deny a costume that might be inappropriate, offending or in any other way damaging the art as whole. The costume will be discussed with the winner/buyer privately.
If you are interested in buying one of this YCH’s feel free to send me a note , write to me on Discord: RutkotkaART#6120 or comment under this art :)
Link to the complete art :  
safe1754698 artist:rutkotka264 doctor whooves10955 granny smith5443 time turner10951 bat1802 ghost2817 pegasus310603 spider1798 undead2282 unicorn343937 bone3160 candle4916 candy7111 cauldron1157 commission73398 fireworks2042 food73184 funny4240 gravestone868 guillotine111 halloween8293 hay bale1164 holiday20461 jack-o-lantern2349 night27459 night sky1871 nightmare night4743 open107 pumpkin4303 scarecrow251 sky15037 slots31 sword11996 tree33662 uncle fester7 weapon31489 your character here11810


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