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One night in the Capital of Canterlot, the small human prince Tommy has yet another dream episode. However unlike the terror of Sombra that had haunted his visions before, this time an old ancient threat decides to poke into the young boys dreams. What will Tommy find as he wanders the world of his dreams!

Brought to you and illustrated beautifully by the artist princebluemoon3 :iconprincebluemoon3:
Now continuing on with part 2!!
safe1749201 artist:princebluemoon3829 cosmos (character)533 oc711217 oc:king speedy hooves303 oc:queen galaxia334 alicorn232679 draconequus12776 pony1009402 comic:the chaos within us458 alicorn oc27590 black and white13463 canterlot5866 canterlot castle2268 castle2114 comic111420 commissioner:bigonionbean2057 creepy4434 creepy smile599 female1400775 fusion5364 fusion:king speedy hooves304 fusion:queen galaxia277 grayscale39218 holding3358 horn77367 husband and wife1597 male387600 mare501638 maw871 monochrome152273 open mouth154003 possessed1770 restrained1385 scared10752 screaming3538 shocked expression1029 smiling260493 stallion115557 surprised9573 traditional art120169 wings122848 writer:bigonionbean1770


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